“Stephanie Wolf is the quintessential publicist. She is innovative, creative, and thinks outside the box to initiate unique ideas that successfully communicate the message you want the public to receive. Her follow-through and tenacity with each project guarantee a positive outcome. If you want to promote yourself, your company, and the work you do, then you want Stephanie on your team!”
Dr. Jane Greer, nationally renowned relationship expert, marriage and family therapist, author, blogger and radio host

“I recently employed SWPR for a media outreach project and I am so pleased with the results. We had a very limited amount of time and Stephanie and her team were able to get us news interviews, mentions in newspaper and web articles and tons of social media activity. With our time constraints, we were not expecting much and the SWPR team exceeded our expectations.”
Judy Ishayik, Vice President, Mary Arnold Toys

“I’ve worked directly with Stephanie on various projects for SWPR for several years and have always enjoyed our working relationship. When I work on projects with fellow PR professionals, I prefer a strict attention to detail, thorough communication on strategy and tactics, and openness to collaboration. When you work with Stephanie, she provides all of those qualities and more. She cares deeply to provide strong results for her clients, and I truly enjoy working with her to make that happen. The old saying goes, ‘Work smarter, not harder,’ but in PR, you have to work smarter AND harder, and Stephanie certainly does.”
Reena Patel, Public Relations Specialist & Independent Consultant/Freelancer

“Stephanie Wolf is not only an excellent writer on just about any topic given to her, but she brings to her work a natural understanding of the various contexts in which the communication on which she’s working will fit. Her instincts for how to reach a diversity of audiences guide her work, with terrific results, delivered affordably and on time.”
Jeff Monford, former Senior Vice President, Manning, Selvage and Lee

“Stephanie is a consummate professional. Not only does she turn her work around on time and with great skill, she knows how to balance her schedule. She doesn’t overbook herself, which ensures whatever the task at hand, she can devote an appropriate amount of time and focus.”
Kerri Allen, freelance writer

“We have retained Stephanie Wolf for the past 18 months and we can state she is a hard working, well organized and very bright PR professional who delivers quality results time after time. She takes the time to listen carefully to our project objectives, formulates a realizable plan paying attention to detail, and executes above expectations. Stephanie is always accessible and is a pleasure to work with.”
Brian A. Foster, President & Founder, TogetherWeServed.com Inc.

“As a colleague, I immediately noticed Stephanie’s rare combination of diligence and warmth. She is a very clear communicator, asking vital questions and remaining focused on the objective at hand. Her work was always delivered on time, and her skills in writing and branding were invaluable to the organization.  Stephanie’s work ethic is equaled by her kindness and approachability. Even when things got very busy, she remained calm and organized. Stephanie is a pleasure to work with, and she’s great at what she does.”
Catherine Epstein, Educator and Freelance Writer; worked indirectly for Stephanie at Women’s Media Center

“A consummate professional, Stephanie delivers beautifully written copy that requires no additional editing and perfectly captures the essence of the assignment. I have known and worked with Stephanie for four years, and she is always reliable, consistent and thorough. Even, at times, when assignments have not been clearly spelled out, Stephanie is able to take the initiative and use her strong editorial judgment to write clear, concise and compelling copy that exceeds my expectations every time.”
Bonnie Clark, former Associate Vice President and Senior Writer, Rubenstein Public Relations

“Stephanie Wolf is one of the most organized and professional public relations counselors I have ever worked with. Her recent work with us for an outreach campaign involving health care advocacy groups was a tremendous success because of her efforts. She is a solid project manager who organizes the smallest details without losing sight of the overall strategy. She was invaluable to us!”
Paul Hendley, former Vice President, Publicis Consultants PR

“My book had to be entrusted to someone who not only had a professional touch, but could provide good insight as well. I found working with Stephanie so helpful. Her firm, yet light-hearted approach to my project allowed me to relax and direct my energies to the next level of publishing. The finished product: well worth every effort involved.”
Rosemarie Baker, author

“Stephanie is an incredible PR professional. She is creative, knows her business and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire an expert to market their organization or business.”
Brian Sahd, Executive Director, Friends of Woodlawn

“I loved working with Stephanie, who’s a very talented and well-rounded media/PR/communications professional. She’s a concise and effective writer, great relationship builder, meticulous copy editor, and did a fantastic job of raising this nonprofit organizations’s visibility and relationships with members of the press in a relatively short timespan. On top of that, she’s a wonderful person to be around – friendly, compassionate, kind, yet sharp, to the point, and consistently asking probing questions, which pushed the team to do better work. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Stephanie again someday.”
Michaela Monahan, Marketing Manager, Big Duck

“Working with Stephanie was an absolute pleasure. She brought an infectious optimism into our work, while at the same time maintaining a no-nonsense attitude and a commitment to getting our projects done in a rigorous and timely fashion. With great enthusiasm, I recommend her to anyone who is considering doing business with her!”
Rachell Arteaga, Educator

“Stephanie is an incredible PR professional. She is creative, knows her business and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire an expert to market their organization or business.”
Brian F. Sahd, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Columbia University NYC